The CNED at the service of all success stories

In a connected and changing world, we all should be able to follow our own path through education and training to reach our full potential throughout our lives.
The CNED is committed to providing each one of us, whatever our situation, with the resources required for success in education and in our professional lives.

A two-fold assignment, education and training

Being the French-Education public provider of distance learning, the CNED ensures that pupils who cannot physically attend classes for whatever reason can continue to have access to education. It is also there to support adults who wish to embark on a training programme.

  • Accessibility: allowing everyone, everywhere, and in any life situation to receive education and training.
  • Success: supporting people to complete their project successfully (obtaining a degree, changing profession, finding a job, etc.).
  • Social utility: providing effective education and training for all for individual success and integration into professional life.

An operator at the service of public education and training policies

A committed player working alongside the French Ministry for National Education, Youth and Sports, the CNED Digital Academy offers several online services for schools and pupils:

D’COL: programme providing help, support and extra learning for pupils in CM2 (Year 6 or 5th grade) and 6ème (Year 7 or 6th grade) classes, both at school and at home.

Languages and digital services at primary school: online services for learning English (English for Schools) and German (Deutsch für Schulen) at primary school and middle school (or junior high school).

Jules: the digital companion for middle school pupils for help with homework in the context of Devoirs faits (“Homework done”), the support device initiated by the French ministry of education.

MaSpéMaths : an online revision platform for mathematics for students in Première (Year 12 or 11th grade).

Ma classe à la maison (“My classroom at home”): training programme ensuring that school education may continue from home whenever necessary.

Keys figures services provided to schools

2.4 million accounts were created on Ma classe à la maison (“My classroom at home”) between the 9th of March and the 4th of July 2020.

44,000 pupils at primary and middle schools were enrolled in the D’COL programme in 2019.

38,000 teaching staff use the English-learning service “English for Schools” and the German-learning service “Deutsch für Schulen” in primary and middle schools.

A key player in extending the international influence of the French language

With nearly 23,000 enrolments world-wide, the CNED is the leading provider of lifelong learning in Europe and the French‑speaking world. It provides services for everyone, whether in France or abroad and whatever their nationality. It gives them the opportunity to follow distance and online learning courses in French secondary or higher education, in addition to initial or professional training courses. The CNED actively participates in European and international cooperation
for the development of distance learning and digital solutions in education.

A training organisation at the service of success for all

The CNED ensures access for all to education and training for individual success and integration into professional life.
It is committed to social promotion and contributes to access to lifelong learning for the most socially and economically vulnerable sectors of society (restarting secondary education, higher education, preparation for competitive entry exams for civil service jobs or teaching positions, professional training).